New York Structural Biology Discussion Group

Summer 2015, Thursday August 6th 2015, 9:00 am, at Annenberg Auditorium, Mount Sinai School of Medicine


There is no charge for the meeting but please pre-register to attend[1]. Be sure to bring photo ID on day of the meeting. The meeting STARTS PROMPTLY at 9:00 am. You are welcome from 8:30 am.  

Posters and Poster Competition

Submissions are invited for a poster competition. All posters on site will be judged by a scientific committee, and two or more posters will be selected for a cash prize of $100 each.

For poster submission instructions, click here. Register now; there will be a cut off when poster space is filled.


Stephen Burley, Rutgers University and RCSB, 'RCSB Protein Data Bank: Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Integrative Structural Biology'

David Cowburn, Albert Einstein Coll. Med., 'Molecular basis of selective diffusion in the nuclear pore'   

Arne Gennerich, Albert Einstein Coll. Med., 'Structure-Dependent Force Generation and Stepping of Cytoplasmic Dynein'

Yogesh Gupta, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 'Structural basis of asymmetric DNA methylation and ATP-triggered long-range diffusion by EcoP15I'

Richard Hite, Rockefeller University (MacKinnon Lab), 'Cryo-EM structure of the Slo2.2 Na+-activated K+ channel'

Frederick M. Hughson, Princeton University, 'A direct role for SM proteins as templates for SNARE assembly'

Nathan Karpowich, NYU (Wang Lab), 'ATP binding drives substrate capture by an ECF transporter'

Joseph Marcotrigiano, Rutgers University, 'Hepatitis C Virus Envelope Glycoprotein 2 Structure: What to Expect from the Unexpected '

Alexander Shekhtman, SUNY Albany,  'Probing protein quinary structures by in-cell NMR'

Frederick Streich, Memorial Sloan Kettering Inst. (Lima Lab), 'Structural and functional insight to specificity for SUMO modification of PCNA by the E3 ligase Siz1'

Liang Tong, Columbia University, 'Crystal structure of the 500 kDa ACC: our 13-year quest for a ‘Holy Grail’ '

Huafeng Xu, DE Shaw Research, 'Preconfiguration of the antigen-binding site during affinity maturation of a broadly neutralizing influenza virus antibody'

Other meetings:

Sixth Annual Minisymposium on Computational Methods for Three-Dimensional Microscopy Reconstruction; August 5th. CUNY Graduate Center

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We gratefully acknowledge logistical support from the New York Structural Biology Center, the New York Academy of Sciences, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

This is the 73rd meeting of the group, organized by Barry Honig and John Kuriyan, and continued by Leemor Joshua-Tor, Lawrence Shapiro, David Stokes, Ming Zhou, David Eliezer, and currently convened by David Cowburn, David Jeruzalmi, Iban Ubarretxena and John F. Hunt.

Pictures  of Winter 2015 meeting

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[1] You only need send an email and your name.  We don’t need any other detail. There will be no specific response.  We need the a pre-registration count to manage publicity, food service, etc.